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NEW RELEASES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS Siren BookStrand : E-books and Print Books

You say, I know that. But did you also know that all vices spring from Idolatry and are peculiar to it? It is the sin of the mind against God. It is the excessive admiration or veneration of anything other than God. Immorality, the sins of the flesh, are associated with and are traced to lack of acknowledgment of God and of gratitude to Him.

That means that any type of immorality or other sins of the flesh, are also Idolatry. The Idolater is a slave to the depraved ideas his idols represent Gal.

Stolen Child

Witchcraft: The real or pretended league and association with the devil, seeking to talk or associate with familiar spirits a consulter with familiar spirits, De , a demonic spirit that stays with or near you, guiding you in actions and thoughts. Hypnotism charmer, De.

Excusemesir Siren Song

A Witch Dc. Witchcraft is the practices or powers of witches or wizards, as due to dealings with evil spirits or the Devil. It includes the use of, or the administering of drugs. Those persons who indulge in the use of mind altering drugs not related to health are in fact practicing witchcraft. The Greek Word translated Witchcraft is pharmakeia, from which we get our word pharmacy drug store.

Its meaning is related directly to drug usage. There are three places in the bible where this word is used, in Galatians , as witchcraft, in Revelations and as sorceries. Hatred: The internal hatred of any man's person, even of our very enemies. This is forbidden and is also called enmity. It is the opposite of "agape" love the highest level of love.

Brenda Williamson

It is an intense dislike or aversion. A very deep seated unfriendliness even hostility. Variance Fighting and quarrelling, by words scandalous and reproachful, what we commonly call scolding. It means to cut apart, to divide in two. It is a tending to vary, to change inconstantly, reckless, or fickle in what we say or do which puts down another. We are to make ourselves eunuchs, for the sake of the kingdom. If we remember that Jesus never humiliates, but humbles us in order that we may be exalted, we may conclude that we are to be like children so that we may be more like Christ; and eunuchs, so to speak, that we may the more fully participate in the power of the Father.

If we cannot divorce, is it not dangerous to marry? But if we do not marry, how can we make it from day to day without provision for the flesh, and the lusts thereof? Such are the thoughts that roil in the hearts of decent, respectable, reasonable people. But Jesus in this scene has two things in mind, and those two things belong together.

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He has in mind the innocent beginning—the arche, man and woman made for one another, for the one-flesh, before our fall into the idolatry of sin; and the relatively innocent creatures toddling about Him. Might a man put away his wife for any cause at all? Or a woman put away her husband?

No; the created nature of man and woman forbids it. As evidence, behold the little children.

Now, if anybody can derive from this scene the conclusion that Jesus blesses semi-monogamy, fornication with semi-commitment, niceness in bed, serial seriousness, soft porneia, or any other honey-brushed swoggle of old hardhearted lust, I claim then that we might as easily say that He recommends paying homage to Satan, so long as it be done with finesse and consideration for the tender feelings of your neighbor. Indeed, He is calling us to a life of genuine, innocent, full-hearted, and dynamic love. He is calling us to have hearts of flesh.